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Just a short note to introduce you to the new member of our family.  Klondike was born on October 4, 2003 in Chalfont, PA to two championship Eskie (American Eskimo)  parents.  She had one brother and three sisters.  Her brother went to California to live, one sister is in Germany, one sister is in Maryland and the other girl is still with her breeder, Dr. Athena Farrell in Chalfont, PA. 

We were able to bring Klondike home on Thanksgiving Day.  Our lives have  changed forever as she is monopolizing our time and our hearts. 

In case you’re wondering, Klondike’s name (Naturs' Klondike Ethel of Nick Pond) is composed of a few meaningful parts: 

         ‘Naturs’ is the name of the kennel from which she came

         ‘Klondike’ is the name by which she will be called

          ‘Ethel’ is her middle name in honor of Paul’s mother

          ‘Of Nick Pond’ is her home.   

Klondike seems to love it here at Nick Pond.  She is really an outdoor girl  and has enjoyed her walks up and down our long, steep driveway and her romps in our front yard. She is most intelligent and seems to understand everything you say to her.  She enjoys being out in  the snow and loves the cold weather.  With a snow storm raging outside, she can be hard to find in the snow. 

Klondike has a wonderful disposition.  We have introduced her to many people and other pets both at home and on our winter trip,  and she has  been friendly to one and all.  She is a great traveler .  In the beginning she always traveled in her crate but now she would rather be in the front seat with us.   She likes the motorhome and was a good traveling companion and got used to sleeping in the coach with no problem.  She just loves to ride around the property in the Ranger.  One of these days, we suspect she will be driving it.

We shouldn’t give you the impression that it has all been fun and games.  We have had a few accidents in the house and a few nights with less than a full night’s sleep, but we know that these bumps on the road will smooth out soon - most of them already have.  We also have a little chewing on everything and a minor biting problem, and if anyone has a solution to either, please let us know. 

Hope you all have a chance to meet Klondike sometime soon.  She is really a very special girl.

Note that the pictures are in reverse chronological order - the more recent pictures are at the top and the older pictures are closer to the bottom of the page.

 Click on a thumbnail for a larger view.

This is Atka, Klondike's boyfriend (she wishes). Is he gorgeous, or what? And.....

....he even owns his own igloo.

Klondike spent her first birthday in Foxboro, MA climbing on rocks, digging holes and chasing squirrels.  We didn't get any pictures of her and the squirrels, but we did get some of her climbing and digging.

Klondike enjoying a little rock climbing - 10/04/2004

Time to rest - 10/04/2004

....and time to pose - 10/04/2004

Gotta dig a hole - 10/04/2004

Getting a good start - 10/04/2004

....almost done - 10/04/2004

Not a bad job if I do say so myself - 10/04/2004

Klondike pleased with herself after an agility practice session - 08/29/2004

Klondike rests after the agility session - 08/29/2004

Klondike takes her first swim off our dock - 08/24/2004

We asked Klondike if she wanted to go back into the water and she said, "I don't think so!"

Nap time - 08/20/2004

Klondike's buddy, Atka, after a digging project.



Atka meets Klondike. Atka is Klondike's half brother and is owned by Jimmy and Thy Cavagnaro - 07/25/2004

Atka is ready to play, Klondike is not so sure - 07/25/2004

Athena Farrell with some of her "Offspring" - 07/25/2004

Atka (with Thy) and Klondike (with Marlene) get better acquainted - 07/25/2004

Atka tells Klondike a secret - 07/25/2004

Everybody looks happy after a nice boat ride at Nick. - 05/23/2004

Klondike meets friends and family at her first Eskie Match - 04/04/2004

This is Klondike's first "visit" with and an adult Eskie since she left Mom - 04/04/2004

Wow, this copiloting is hard work - 03/11/2004

Our copilots for a day on the road in the coach - 03/11/2004

Skipper and First Mate on the move - 03/02/2004

Gotta stay ever vigil for other craft - 03/02/2004

Skipper and First Mate - 03/02/2004

Gotta watch for other craft off the bow too - 03/02/2004

Gotta watch for other craft off port side - 03/02/2004

Time to relax on a rented pontoon boat off the Florida Panhandle - 03/02/2004

More new buddies - 02/10/2004

Can't decide if this guy wants to be a friend or not - 02/10/2004

Time to meet some new friends on a walk through the campground - 02/10/2004

Brush, brush, brush - 01/20/2004

Gotta catch those snowflakes - 01/18/2004

Gee this snow is fun! - 01/18/2004

Marlene & Klondike take a walk in the snow. - 01/18/2004

Boy, this ear is good! - 01/04/2004

I can just pose too. - 01/04/2004

How much is that (other) doggie in the window? - 01/04/2004

Is she a sweetheart, or what? - 01/04/2004

King of the hill # 1 - 12/15/2003

King of the hill # 2 - 12/15/2003

When it's nap time, 'ya gotta sleep. -- 12/01/2003

Gotta explore everywhere. - 11/29/2003

Klondike getting the lay of her new digs. - 11/29/2003

Klondike's first playtime on our lawn. - 11/28/2003

Klondike (left) and littermates at six and a half weeks. - 11/19/2003

Klondike (left) and littermates at five weeks. - 11/08/2003

Our first visit with Klondike. - 11/02/2003

Klondike (left most) and four littermates with Mom (Foxy) - born on 10/04/2003. - 10/18/2003