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07/11/2004 11:01:21 AM -0700

                                   PICTURES FROM ALASKA 2003

 Those of you who followed us on our trip will recall that when we added photos, the new photos were placed at the "top" of the photo gallery.  We have rearranged the photos to show the first ones taken at the "top" of the gallery and the last pictures taken will be at the very "bottom" of the gallery.  We thought that would probably make more sense to a new viewer.

            (Click on a thumbnail for a larger view)

Sculpture outside of Cabela's in Owatonna, MN

Cabela's is an outfitter's store with everything you need for any outdoor activities. We even purchased some clothing and had it hemmed as we waited.

Arctic Fox

Cabela's has a wonderful taxidermy display of animals in their natural habitat. This is one of them.

Grizzles with kill

Wolf chasing Caribou


The Forks Market in Winnipeg

The Forks is an interesting shopping and entertainment area in downtown Winnipeg. Lots of different cuisines and wonderful aromas.

Milepost Zero of the Alaska Highway in Dawson Creek, B.C.

Alaska Highway Cairn

This stone cairn marks the actual beginning of the Alaska Highway.

We made it to Dawson Creek!!!

We're at the start of the Alaska Highway.

Entering British Columbia 05/27/2003

Our first view of the Canadian Rockies 05/27/2003

Black bear 05/28/2003

Saw this guy along side the road to Fort Liard, Northwest Territories.

Entering the Northwest Territories 05/28/2003

Wood Bison 05/28/2003

These guys were along side the Liard Highway on our way to Fort Liard, NWT

Mr. Bull 05/28/2003

This guy was along side the Liard Highway on our way to Fort Liard, NWT

Mrs. Ewe - 05/29/2003

Folded Rock - 05/29/2003

Find the hidden animals - 05/29/2003

Stone sheep come for a visit - 05/29/2003

Muncho Lake, BC - 05/29/2003

Mr. Ram - 05/29/2003

Unpaved section of Alaska Highway - 05/29/2003

On Yukon Time - 05/29/2003

Sign Post Forest, Watson Lake, Yukon - 05/30/2003

Sign Post Forest was started in 1942 by a homesick US soldier working on the Alaska Highway. Today there are over 50,000 signs.

Sign Post Forest - 05/30/2003

Who left this sign from Shadowbrook? - 05/30/2003

Artist at work - 05/30/2003

We planted our "tree" in the forest - 05/30/2003

Final product - 05/30/2003

Look for our sign when you get here.

Unpaved section between Watson Lake and Whitehorse - 05/31/2003

Cassiar Mountains - 05/31/2003

World's Largest Weathervane - 06/01/2003

This restored DC3 is located in front of Whitehorse International Airport and is mounted on a swivel pedestal that allows it to always point into the wind.

Grey Mountains Across the Yukon River - 06/01/2003

Yukon River Flowing Through Miles Canyon - 06/01/2003

Suspension Foot Bridge Over Miles Canyon - 06/01/2003

Gold Dredge No. 4, Dawson City, Yukon - 06/04/2003

Jack London's Cabin, Dawson City, Yukon - 06/04/2003

Jack London's Food Cache, Dawson City, Yukon - 06/04/2003

Jack London Interpretive Expert - 06/04/2003

Poet Robert Service's Cabin, Dawson City, Yukon - 06/04/2003

Robert Service Interpretive Expert - 06/04/2003

Ferry Across the Yukon River - 06/05/2003

Our coach and one other RV filled up this "raft".

Near the Top of Top of the World Highway in Yukon - 06/05/2003

More Top of the World - 06/05/2003

Snowball Fighe Anyone? - 06/05/2003

Taking This Picture Almost Landed Me in the Pokey - 06/05/2003

Welcome to Alaska - 06/05/2003

Beautiful Downtown Chicken, AK - 06/05/2003

Mount Fairplay, AK - 06/05/2003

Elevation 5,541 feet

Alaska Range Approaching Delta Junction, AK - 06/06/2003

Alaska Highway Terminus in Delta Junction, AK - 06/06/2003

Alaska Pipeline Crossing the Tanana River - 06/06/2003

More Pipeline - 06/06/2003

Our Float Taxi for our Northern Pike Fishing Fly-In - 06/10/2003

Marlene's Largest Fish Ever - 06/10/2003

A nice 24 inch Northern Pike

Paul's 27 Inch Northern - 06/10/2003

Marlene's New Largest Fish Ever - 06/10/2003

The last record didn't last long. This was a fighting 28 incher.

Yukon Yonda - 06/09/2003

Our guide at the El Dorado Gold Mine showed us how to pan and we found enough to make Marlene a necklace.

Alaska Pipeline Outside Fairbanks - 06/10/2003

Riverboat Discovery - 06/11/2003

Susan Butcher - 06/11/2003

Four time Iditarod Champion.

Chena Indian Village Trading Post - 06/11/2003

Reconstructed Athabascan Indian Village at Confluance of Chena and Tanana Rivers.

Native Food Cache - 06/11/2003

Dixie Alexander Designed and "Built" Parka - 06/11/2003

Summer Sled Dog Training - 06/11/2003

Brooks Range - 06/12/2003

Taken from the plane on our way to Barrow

Mush You Huskies - 06/12/2003

Marlene is getting ready for the Iditarod.

Taking a Dip in the Arctic Ocean - 06/12/2003

I wanted to take a dip in the Arctic Ocean, but, except for an occasional lead like this, it still has three to five feet of ice. Temperature today never got out of the 20s with a 25-35 mph Arctic wind.

Downtown Barrow, AK - 06/12/2003

Inupiat Eskimo Blanket Toss - 06/12/2003

I participate in the "blanket toss". The blanket was made of Caribou skins.

Barrow Jawbone Arch - 06/12/2003

This arch is made from two jawbones of a bowhead whale. Bowheads average 40-50 feet in length and weigh about a thousand pounds per foot.

Mary Shields and Marlene - 06/13/2003

Mary Shields was the first woman to complete the Iditarod and also competed in a sled dog race from Alaska to Siberia.

Paul and One of Mary's Sled Dogs - 06/13/2003

Marlene and One of Mary's Sled Dogs - 06/13/2003

Mary Shields - 06/13/2003

Notice the log dog houses.

Muskox - 06/14/2003

Muskoxen Pair - 06/14/2003

Muskoxen & Sandhill Crane - 06/14/2003

Young Caribou Bull - 06/14/2003

Yukon River - 06/15/2003

Taken from the copilot seat in the Piper Navajo.

Artic Circle - 06/15/2003

This was our fourth crossing of the Arctic Circle, but the first on the ground.

Yukon River - 06/15/2003

Taken from the Dalton Highway

Mrs. Moose - 06/15/2003

Mr. Grizzly - 06/15/2003

Angela Carlson - 06/15/2003

Angela was our tour guide for our tour of the Carlson Homestead.

Marlene and Otto - 06/17/2003

Taken at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Museum

Polar Bear - 06/17/2003

Taken at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Museum

Welcome to Denali - 06/19/2003

Denali in the Smoke - 06/18/2003

They Even Pull in the Gravel - 06/19/2003

Denali National Park working sled dog demonstration.

Nenana River Behind Campground - 06/19/2003

Nenana River and Train Behind Campground - 06/19/2003

Alpenglow Restaurant - 06/19/2003

Marlene hopes this doesn't slide off the mountain before we eat there.

From Alpenglow - 06/20/2003

Overlooking Denali NP Visitor Center

Three Caribou Bulls - 06/20/2003

Along Savage River in Denali NP

At Polychrome - 06/20/2003

A Couple Dall Sheep - 06/20/2003

Just Pretty Country - 06/20/2003

From along Denali NP road

Our First Glimpse of Denali - 06/20/2003

Mt. McKinley - 20,320 feet

Our Plane for the McKinley Summit Flight - 06/21/2003

On Our Way to the Summit - 06/21/2003

This was the only picture we got that wasn't all clouds. No pictures of the McKinley summit. Will try again on 06/23/2003.

Train On Trestle Behind Campground - 06/21/2003

Train Entering Tunnel On Tracks Behind Campground - 06/21/2003

Three Caribou In Denali National Park - 06/22/2003

Besides the caribou and grizzly bears shown here we saw: Dall sheep, Golden eagle, Gyr falcon, Cross fox, Snowshoe hare

Typical Bull Caribou Antlers - 06/22/2003

Mt. McKinley South Summit and North Peak - 06/22/2003

What with the clouds, this is the best we could do.

Some of Many Wildflowers Now Blooming in the Park - 06/22/2003

Mama Grizzly and Cub - 06/22/2003

Caribou Eating Tundra Willow Shrub - 06/22/2003

Moose Calf - 06/22/2003

We saw this calf with his sibling and mom.

Carl of Talkeetna Aero Services - 06/23/2003

All of the folks at TAS were just fantastic: Carl, Doug, Erica, Trent, Mark, Greg and Chris!

Our Pilot & Copilot: Doug and Erica - 06/23/2003

This was our second attempt to see Mt. McKinley.

On the Way to Denali - 06/23/2003

More On Our Way To Denali - 06/23/2003

McKinley (Denali) South Summit and North Peak - 06/23/2003

South Face On Denali - 06/23/2003

Denali South Summit (20,320 feet) - 06/23/2003

Denali North Peak - 06/23/2003

On The Way Back From a Successful Denali Flight - 06/23/2003

The Alpenglow, Where We Had Dinner After Our Denali Flight - 06/23/2003

Putyuk (pinch on cheek), Our Kotzebue Tour Guide - 06/26/2003

From Kotzebue Across the Bering Sea To Some Far Off Mountains - 06/26/2003

Blanket Toss at Native Cultural Center - 06/26/2003

One of the Native Performers - 06/26/2003

Welcome to Nome - 06/26/2003

They Really Do Love To Run And Pull - 06/27/2003

Marlene Checking Out the Dogs After Their Run - 06/27/2003

Kim Waldrupt, Our Musher and Future Iditarod Musher - 06/27/2003

One Of Many Parks In Downtown Anchorage - 06/24/2003

Some The Many Flowers In Downtown Anchorage - 06/24/2003

More Flowers In Downtown Anchorage - 06/24/2003

Polar Bears In Downtown Anchorage - 06/25/2003

Just a picture, not real.

Thunderbirds At Elmendorf AFB - 06/29/2003

More Thunderbirds At Elmendorf AFB - 06/29/2003

Homer Is All About Halibut Fishing - 07/02/2003

Our Charter Boat - 07/04/2003

Paul Watches As The Captain Unhooks One Of His Halibut - 07/04/2003

Our Captain (Chad) Unhooks My Halibut - 07/04/2003

Chad Hoists One Of The Catch - 07/04/2003

The Entire Catch - 07/04/2003

The halibut daily limit is two fish per person. The other members of our party were not available for this picture.

Mt. Redoubt As Seen From The Sterling Highway On Kenai Peninsula - 07/02/2003

Elevation 10,197 feet.

Western Most Highway Point In North America - 07/02/2003

View From Homer Spit Across Kachemak Bay - 07/02/2003

Bald Eagle Off Homer Spit - 07/02/2003

Homer Spit - 07/02/2003

Ms. Moose - 07/02/2003

Marlene Caught Her Sockeye Limit - 07/07/2003

Paul Didn't - 07/07/2003

Our Guide Prepares Grilled Salmon For Lunch - 07/07/2003

Can't get much fresher than this.

Lunch Anyone? - 07/07/2003

We fished with the grizzlies.

How Many Grizzlies Can You Count? - 07/07/2003

Now Where Did That Salmon Go? - 07/07/2003

Just Floating Away The Day - 07/08/2003

Sea Otter.

Hole Rock - 07/08/2003

Nap Time - 07/08/2003

Steller sea lions.

"Penguins Of The North" - 07/08/2003

Murres - deepest diving of Alaska's seabirds. Sometimes go "fishing" as deep as 300 feet.

Aialik Glacier - 07/08/2003

Mr. Bald Eagle - 07/08/2003

Exit Glacier - 07/09/2003

Exit Glacier From Near The Top - 07/09/2003

Exit Glacier goes back three miles where it joins (and is fed by) the Harding Icefield, 1,500 sq. miles of glacier ice.

Exit Glacier From Near The Toe - 07/09/2003

Back In The Saddle Again - 07/09/2003

Riding Near Seward Surrounded By Beautiful Scenery - 07/09/2003

This Guy Sat There While We Watered Our Horses - 07/09/2003

It is unbeliveable how difficult it is taking digital photos from on top of a horse. He is moving all the time and for every decent photo there are ten lousy photos.

Marlene Takes Charge Of The Ride - 07/09/2003

One Of Several River Crossings - 07/09/2003

Moose - Big Game Alaska - 07/11/2003

Big Game Alaska Wildlife Center....dedicated to the rehabilitation of orphaned and injured Alaska big game animals.

Sitka Deer (Black Tail) - Big Game Alaska - 07/11/2003

Elk - Big Game Alaska - 07/11/2003

Musk Ox - Big Game Alaska - 07/11/2003

Caribou Bull - Big Game Alaska - 07/11/2003

Black Bear Cub - Big Game Alaska - 07/11/2003

View From Glenn Highway - 07/13/2003

Matanuska Glacier Along Glenn Highway - 07/13/2003

On The Way To Valdez - 07/14/2003

Worthington Glacier - 07/14/2003

Bridal Veil Falls - 07/14/2003

Horsetail Falls - 07/14/2003

Look At All Those Salmon - 07/14/2003

Peek A Boo Moose - 07/14/2003

Haines, Alaska - 07/18/2003

Haines Small Boat Harbor - 07/18/2003

Lake Chilkat - 07/18/2003

Haines Bald Eagle - 07/18/2003

Fish Wheel - 07/19/2003

These are used by Native Alaskans for subsistance fishing.

Fireweed, Chilkat River and Chilkat Mountains - 07/19/2003

Flowers In Downtown Haines - 07/19/2003

More Flowers In Downtown Haines - 07/19/2003

Dinner - 07/19/2003

Dungeness crabs.

Ready For The Pot - 07/19/2003

The Columbia, Our Ferry To Skagway - 07/21/2003

Loading The Coach Onto The Columbia - 07/21/2003

Rotary Snow Plow For Yukon & White Pass RR - 07/21/2003

The World, Condo Cruise Ship - 07/21/2003

This ship, along with three other cruise ships, was docked in Skagway when we arrived.

Private Garden In Skagway - 07/21/2003

View From Highway Just NE Of Skagway - 07/21/2003

White Pass & Yukon Route RR - 07/22/2003

This was taken from one of the rear most cars going around a very sharp curve.

You Can Still See The White Pass Trail From 1897-1899 - 07/22/2003

When Built (1899), This Was The Tallest Trestle Of Its Kind In The World - 07/22/2003

Skagway From High On The White Pass & Yukon Route RR - 07/22/2003

MV Fjordland - 07/23/2003

Our "fast ferry" from Skagway to Juneau and back.

Stellar Sea Lions - 07/23/2003

Whale's Tail - 07/23/2003

Humpback whale fluke.

We Had Lunch Here - 07/23/2003

....to the tunes of a fantastic honky-tonk pianist.

Mendenhall Glacier - 07/23/2003

Sentinel Island Lighthouse - 07/23/2003

Herbert Glacier - 07/23/2003

Eldred Rock Lighthouse - 07/23/2003

Us On The Ride Back From Juneau - 07/23/2003

Lynn Canel On The Way Back From Juneau - 07/23/2003

North America's longest and deepest fjord.

Blue Lakes - 07/24/2003

This is taken from the side of our coach - we stayed here on the night of 07/24.

Meziadin Lake - 07/25/2003

This was taken from our campsite - we stayed here on the night of 07/25.

Bear Glacier On The Road To Stewart, BC / Hyder, AK - 07/26/2003

Young Grizzly Trying To Catch A Salmon - 07/26/2003

He failed, he left hungry.

Black Bear Trying His Hand At Fishing - 07/26/2003

He left hungry too.

View From Bear Viewing Area In Hyder - 07/26/2003

Bear Viewing Platform At Hyder, AK - 07/27/2003

Salmon Glacier - 07/27/2003

Salmon Glacier is the fifth largest glacier in Canada.

Summit Lake At North End Of Salmon Glacier - 07/27/2003

Summit Lake is unique for its annual Jokulhlaups.

Off The Beaten Path - 07/27/2003

John & Paul Launch John's Sailboat - 08/02/2003

Jasper And Paul - 08/03/2003

Jasper belongs to Enid and Gene.

Rochelle, Enid, Paul & Marlene - 08/03/2003

Our annual picture.

John, Rochelle, Enid & Gene - 08/03/2003

Mark McKenna and Dotty Grimes - 08/08/2003

Dr. Lora Grimes, River and Mark Williams - 08/09/2003

Pat & Marc Powell - 08/11/2003

Pat and Marc standing in front of their corporate Disability Claim Services office suite in Odessa, TX.

Nancy & Gordon Wagner - 08/19/2003

Gordon retired from his Foretravel job on August 29th and they are returning to their home in Ohio.